Mobile phone requesting a PIN reset

Some phone users are reporting that their phone is making them reset their PIN once or more every 24 hours.

If you are constantly being asked to reset your R.E.A.L. Education phone PIN, please follow these instructions to resolve the issue quickly.

  • Locate the Meraki app on your phone

  • Press and hold on the Meraki (SM) app

  • Drag the app to the bin

  • When asked about Device Administrators, tap this and untick the Meraki option to continue
  • The app should uninstall and the phone should stop asking you to rest your PIN.

So, why was it there in the first place?

Meraki is a world leader in wireless technologies and 2 years ago, when we purchased this set of phones, the Meraki app was provided for free and allowed us to roll out apps and manage phones remotely. This saved huge amounts of time for the IT team. Now, much of what Meraki did can be done by our very own Google Apps Administration dashboard. As the Meraki app updated recently, it is now incompatible with our current phones - hence it’s unruly behaviour!

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