What goes in to ServiceDesk?

You can use this form to request support and advice about ICT issues at R.E.A.L.

  • When hardware breaks, such as a laptop, desktop or iPad.
  • When you want to install new software.
  • When software is not working.
  • When you need help to use software
  • When you need ideas and advice about teaching with ICT as a tool for learning across the curriculum.

We don't support the following, please contact the lead for these areas - in brackets.

  • R.E.A.L website updates (Richard Williams)
  • Mobile phones and mobile phone contracts (Dave Roberts)
  • Photocopying (Dave Roberts)
  • Internet from the telephone exchange to your centre (Dave Roberts)
  • Security systems (Dave Roberts)
  • Advice on the Computing Curriculum - the teaching of ICT/Computing (Richard Williams)
  • Requesting a laptop, desktop or tablet (Richard Smith - please search for article on requesting new hardware)



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