Checking that your phone is connected to WIFI

Your Mobile phone is already preloaded with the correct credentials to connect to both RealCloud and RealGuest at major venues. However, to be certain that you are not using mobile data you can check the following settings:

1. First and foremost, if your phone is connected to WiFi you will see a small radar signal meter with two small arrows beneath at the top right of your screen (It is next to the signal strength meter (harmonica bars). If you see any letters such as E, H, 3G, 3G+ or 4G in this position - then you are using mobile data and NOT WiFi.


2. If you are not connected to WiFi and you know you should be able to then you may need to connect manually.  To do this you should swipe down from the top of the screen so that you can see the following :

Now tap on the gear icon as indicated (Or you can just find the gear icon in your apps page if you wish as circled but be aware that this may be a few pages in)

You should see the connections menu appear as below. The WiFI slider should be green and set to on. If it is not, then slide your finger across the switch on the right to activate.

In all cases, you will then need to tap the WiFi option itself to reveal the list of available WiFi. This list will be populated with known connections and any within range.

WiFi that is in range will have a signal meter to the left (as per the top 3). Then the following explains the messages:

Connected : This is the current WiFI you are connected to (if any). Also appears Blue.

Saved, Secured : This WiFi is available to connect to by tapping on it.

Secured : This WiFI is within range but does not yet have any credentials to connect with. Tapping this WiFi will give you the option to enter the password. This is what you will see if you are connecting to WiFi for the first time.

'Open' : Avoid connecting these WiFI as they are insecure. Exceptions are BT OpenZone and other specialised hotspots that use special access.

Not in RangeThese WiFI networks are already saved on the phone and should connect when in range.


Problems or Authentication Errors (password incorrect etc)

If you encounter any problems when connecting to a new WiFi you can usually simply renter the password by following all the above instructions and tapping on the WiFi network again.

However , sometimes authentication problems can occur and you may not have the option to enter the password thus remain unable to connect. This most often happens if the WiFI password changes (Such as for RealGuest). When this happens and the phone does not automatically receive the new credentials, you can Forget the WiFi Network and reconnect to it from the start.

To Forget a WiFi connection. Locate it in the list above (3rd image). eg. RealGuest. Then Hold your finger over the network until a new windows appears with the Option to Forget network. Tap this. 

If you then wait a few moments for the phone to rescan the environment, you should see the same network appear in the WiFi list. At this point it should say 'Secured' only as the password has been erased. If you tap this network again it should then ask for a new password which you can enter.

If there are continued problems, please feel free to log a service desk call.


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