Logging in to your account with two step verification

From early 2016 you’ll need a username, password and a unique code (sent by text to you from Google) to access your R.E.A.L. Education accounts from a device.

The system always prompts users for a unique code when they try to access their account on a new laptop or PC / device and will regularly ask for a code on a trusted computer ever so often. In this sense, usernames and passwords stolen in a phishing attack are of no use to a hacker unless they have access to your mobile phone and text message with the unique code.

The process we are implementing for all users is called 2 step authentication and you can find out why it’s so powerful and secure here:

This process will require all users to use a code generated by a text message sent to their phone - to gain access to their R.E.A.L. email and Atmos Drive account.

The set up takes around 30 seconds and secures all data within your R.E.A.L. account - so a significantly safer system than the one we currently operate.

You can preview a video of Craig setting up the system and receiving the text on his phone here


As of April 2016 - We are encouraging all users to opt in to this system now.



Is there a charge for this service?

No. There is no charge to receive these text messages.

What if I don’t own a R.E.A.L. Education mobile phone?

If you do not own a R.E.A.L. Education mobile phone, you can use your own personal phone to receive the unique code sent by text.

What if I need help setting this up?

Please raise a ServiceDesk request at

Should I delete the unique code from my mobile phone text messages?

You don’t need to, as the code is active for around a minute after you receive it and then expires. You can’t use old codes to access your account.

What if I have lost my phone or forgotten the password?

Please raise a ServiceDesk request at

What if I can’t get a mobile signal on my work phone?

In these circumstances, we advise that you can use your own mobile phone number as the registered number for setting up two step authentication.

I am locked out of my account - help!

Please raise a ServiceDesk request at you can use your own personal phone number and email address - so we can communicate with you if you have no access to your R.E.A.L. email account.


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