How to change your ATMOS (Google email) password DESKTOPS and LAPTOPS

All users are provided with a default password at R.E.A.L education. If you are unsure how to change this password to one of your own chosing, follow the simple steps below.

Go to the R.E.A.L education staff home page :

Sign in with your existing R.E.A.L education email and password.

At the top right corner you will see your email address, click anywhere on this text or the little arrow and you will see the following :

Click on the "My account" blue button which will take you to the accounts page


Then click on the "Signing in to Google" option (marked by the black arrow)

You will then be sent to the the following page :



Click anywhere along the line beginning "Password .... "  marked by the black arrow and you will be asked to enter your EXISTING password once more (for security).

You will then end up on the change password screen below :

Enter your NEW password (by clicking above the blue line) and then your NEW PASSWORD AGAIN by clicking on the confirm new password line.

Finally click CHANGE PASSWORD and google will confirm your password has been changed. You will be returned to the Sign in and Security page but make sure you close this page/tab or window.

You will ALWAYS be asked to confirm your existing password before you can make any security changes to your account.


For Phone users the method is similar but will look somewhat different due to size restraints.




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