Student access to Google Drive and Atmos through StudentHub FAQs

These FAQs relate to students having access to their own R.E.A.L. Google (email) account.

How do students get their Google account set up?

New students, starting at R.E.A.L. from November 2016 onwards will have an account created for them. The details will be sent to the Learning Manager and also be stored with the Business team.

Students who have been at R.E.A.L. before November 2016 with an old account have two options:

A. Remain with their old account until September 2017

B. Opt to migrate their data from this old account to a new student account - opt to do this through a ServiceDesk request from the Learning Manager.

My student doesn't need or want an account - what shall I do?

Don't worry - the student's Learning Manager will be given these details and they are not required to pass these on to the students.

The student's Learning Manager does not have the username and password details for the student, who shall I contact?

The ICT team does not have the authority to create student accounts. This must be agreed by the Business team first. Please contact Dave Roberts on the Business Team if you are missing the students login information.

Will my students have access to email?

Yes - students will be able to send email to other students and also staff. The email accounts will only accept emails from @real accounts therefore there is no esafety risks from people emailing our students from outside of our organisation.


Can I turn off email for my student?

Yes - a Learning manager can request that email is turned off for individual students.

Will students need to use 2 step verification to access their account?

No - students only need their username and password.

What services will students have access to?

By default, students will have access to the StudentHub, Drive folders, email and calendar. Other services can be switched on for students only when Learning Managers give permission. For example, students will not have access to Hang Outs, Communities this moment in time.

Is it safe?

Nothing relating to ICT will ever be 100% safe as we all make choices in the way we use ICT. We reduce the risk by doing the following things:

Requesting that all staff read the eSafety policy on induction and the regular monthly ICT newsletter.

The Learning manager makes the assessment as to whether to provide the username and password details to the tutor/student.

Services are heavily locked down eg. emails can only be sent with R.E.A.L. Education.

We expect the students have completed the following acceptable use forms:

Introduction Guide to eSafety 

Using Google Apps at R.E.A.L. for students 


What should students place in their Google Drive accounts?

The accounts are designed to hold work - so please remind students of the esafety agreement they signed and that no highly confidential information should be added to their account.

How can I access the folders of student work and place a resource in the student folders?

A link to StudentHub will be available to help staff access files and folders.

Can students see StaffHub and access the Staff Atmos / Google Drive?

No - the StudentHub and student folder system is completely separate and students have no access to the staff Atmos system. Even if a member of staff accidentally shares documents from within StaffHub and Staff Atmos with a student, our system overides the staff decision and blocks student access.

Can students use their new student accounts with R.E.A.L. Chromebooks?


A student has shared or forgotten their password/username - what shall I do?

Ask your Learning Manager to log a request through ServiceDesk.

What happens when a student leaves R.E.A.L?

We will suspend the account and archive the students work. After 3 years we will delete the account and work - unless you tell us to retain this information for a longer period of time and have Director's authorisation to do so. 

I still can't find an answer to my question - what shall I do?

Log a ServiceDesk request and we'll reply to you promptly. 




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