Flash Issues in the Chrome Browser


Enable-Flash-Player-In-Edge-And-Chrome.png This Article is for anyone with a chromebook or using the chrome browser on a laptop that is not allowing flash based websites to load.  Please follow these simple steps to enable access to websites that use Flash player.  Please note that Google are planning to phase this out and stop supporting it on their browser.  This is mainly due to Flash being an old method of displaying content and is used less and less by modern developers.  


  1. In the top right corner of the chrome browser window click the 3 vertical dots
  2. Click setting, towards the bottom of the list
  3. Type in the search settings box at the top: "flash"
  4. A yellow speech bubble will appear next to Site settings, click this option
  5. Scroll down to Flash which will be highlighted in yellow, click this option
  6. Click the slider on the right and it should change from "Block Flash from running", to "Ask First"
  7. Close your settings tab and reload the page you were trying to access
  8. You should now have a pop up say allow flash to run, click allow. 

For additional support with this issue, please raise a ticket using Servicedesk. 


Thank you. 



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